Benefits of EO Paint!

I have to share this AMAZING email we just received from a customer in regards to one of our lesser known products, EO Paint. It is one that I am not sure what I would do without... I use it for canker/cold sores, teething, tooth pain, sore throats, and so many more things!!
So here it is!! (slight editing for clarification and protecting identity and apologies for the long post but so worth the read!)
"I put the EO (Paint) in the car, and drove to pick up **son** from a baseball lesson while we were still on the phone. I had wipes and water for him to wash his hands, and made him do both before he used the oil. Literally right there at the ball park. (He has been living on Tylenol and unable to eat because he was in so much pain with the canker sores).
He washed his hands, put a little bit of oil on his finger and applied. Within a minute he said, "Huh, the pain is gone." I kept checking in with him throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, and he kept saying, "I'm good, no more pain.". I want people to know how great the EO oil is. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. He did a complete 180! And once we were home, he asked if he could eat because he wasn't in pain any longer.  EO (Paint) is a miracle product. Please share the good news."