The refill is packaged in eco responsible rice paper and refills one Gluten-Free Savonnerie Pit Stop 3.5 oz tub.


Gluten-Free Savonnerie offers you an alternative to deodorant and body powders without fragrance, chemicals or hidden ingredients, so that you will never again be at the mercy of products containing your plant allergens, gluten or perfume.

Pit Stop Deodorant and Body Powder is a scent-free, highly effective, deodorant powder that works without aluminum, parabens, talc or perfumes. It comes packaged in an attractive, round, white tub with a body puff applicator included. 

The “Pit Stop” Powder is not an antiperspirant. May be applied as often as desired to underarms, feet or any area of skin to prevent chaffing.


Works well for teens and adults.